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Wireless internet access is simple for anyone to implement at home – but many of our customers prefer a hard-wired solution for your Hays, KS home or office networking that alleviates any concerns about bandwidth, speed or wireless security.


Kollman Electric of Hays, KS is adept at providing category 5 ethernet wiring for a wired network that gives the owner a private high speed network. For those of you who don't know, Category 5 or cat 5 cable is a twisted pair cable used to carry signals for computer networks such as Ethernet. The cable can also be used to facilitate phone calls or video.


Installing Cat 5 ethernet wiring is delicate work and many states require a certified electrician to be on hand (if not actually doing the installation) when the wiring is in fact installed.


We've done enough installations in Hays, KS to know that the category 5 ethernet is the best choice for reliability, speed and security. Wireless is generally cheaper and easier to install, but cat 5 ethernet doesn't have the issues with security or speed.


Cat 5 ethernets carry 10 million bits per second to 1 billion or 1000Mbps. Most home networks typically only need 100Mbps.


More good news: the better caliber of wire doesn't cost much more than standard wire. Your added costs will come from the effort it takes to pass the wire through walls. Cat 5 ethernet wiring work can be done outside but generally speaking such installations occur rarely.


Contact us at Kollman Electric in Hays, KS today so we can consult with you about your ethernet installation needs.