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Residential Electrical Contractor

Fix That Broken Outlet


Kollman Electric is the residential electrical contractor that Hays, KS trusts for all of its electrical needs. Electrician Andy Kollman's expertise covers everything including exterior and interior lighting and bathroom ventilation fan installation.


As one of the most experienced residential electrical contractor in the Hays, Kansas area, Kollman Electric can devise a plan that meets all of your wishes with respect to lighting and electricity. We can plan, design and install everything from breakers and switches to lights and ceiling fans.


We also understand that our customers today often have very specific data needs, and we're adept at planning for TV, phone, cable and Internet systems. Don't sweat the details. That's our job as your residential electrical contractor. We'll make sure the house is grounded and the breakers are configured correctly.


Kollman Electric works with existing and new construction. Older homes often have special electrical needs as they weren't designed to carry the electricity loads required by modern customers, who are used to microwave ovens, hot tubs, central air conditioning and, often times, a television and phone in nearly every room.


As your residential electrical contractor, Kollman Electric will make sure that all electrical work follows any applicable regulations, whether national or local.


Today's residential projects across the country and in towns like Hays Kansas demand the specialized knowledge and skills of a seasoned residential electrical contractor who can manage and implement all of the complex electrical systems that we require in modern life. Such systems include but are not limited to accent lighting, kitchen applicance, security and entertainment systems. Today's residential construction project requires an electrical contracting professional that can coordinate and integrate all the intricate and complicated systems that we can't live without.


At Kollman Electric we give the same professional attention to each and every job. We're the residential electrician of record in Hays Kansas but there are things we recommend you ask whenever you're looking for an electrician. You need to make sure your contractor is doing work that meets codes and that, if you need to seek a guarantee that the contractor will return to correct any work that fails to meet standards. You should also make sure your residential electrical contractor has an insurance certificate. As with any contract work arrangement, we also strongly urge you to request a written cost estimate before any work begins.


You can trust your electrical needs to Kollman Electric. We've been doing this for a long time – and we've always upheld the same high standards. Contact us today!