Hays, KS Master Electrician

Master Electrician

Experienced, Tested, and Qualified


When it's time to seek the assistance of an electrician, it's important that you find the right electrician, which means someone with the highly specialized skills to plan and execute the electrical work you need to have done. In short, you need a Master Electrician.


Why a Master Electrician?
A master electrician is one who has completed specializing training and passed an examination resulting in cetification as a master electrician. Being a master electrician means one is specially trained to handle the tools of the trade as well as the necessary skills.


Kollman Electric offers you the services of a master electrician so that you can rest assured all of your electrical projects are in good hands. Hays, KS customers should know that the master electrician at Kollman Electrician has all of the knowledge necessary to read blueprints and technical diagrams and more.


Our master electrician is trained to:

  • aquire electral/building permits
  • install electrical wiring and conduit
  • connect wires to circuit breakers
  • connect outlets
  • connect transformers
  • use voltmeters to test connections
  • repair equipment
  • ensure all wiring is safe
  • and much more!

    You'd be surprised how quickly your "little project" can turn into something that requires the attention and specialized skills of a master electrician. Hays, KS home or business owners can do a lot of improvements on their own, but when it comes to detailed electrical work, the services of a master electrician make all the difference.


    Changing a burned out lightbulb is really the only electrical job that a non-trained professional is qualified to do safely. Sure, non-electricians could probably do other things, but the result most likely wouldn't conform to Hays, KS codes and probably wouldn't be safe.


    We remind you of the "do not attempt this at home" warning that so many skilled performers issue each day in their work. Electrical work is very dangerous and can go awry in any number of ways. Let's take the example of voltage, for example. Not enough and you won't be able to achieve the goals you set for your electrical project. Too much and you could be putting the structure – and everyone in it – at risk.


    Which brings us to another valid point – that electrical work is dangerous. Plumbing and gardening can be pretty forgiving, but an electrical mistake often leads to fires, injuries or worse.


    Think of it this way. Your electrical project goes beyond ensuring that lights turn on and machines run. It also touches on all aspects of your home, building or commercial property. Contact Kollman Electric and your Hays, KS master electrical will be happy to help you.