Hays, KS Saves Engery and Money with Electrical Upgrades

Energy Saving Upgrades



The electrical needs of the good people of Hays, KS keep us very busy here at Kollman Electric, especially with the emphasis on "going green" over the past few years.


Everyone wants to know how their homes can be more energy efficient, not only to save money, but also to be kinder to our environment. For instance, we provide energy saving lighting updates for homes and businesses in Hays, KS. It's just one of the many ways we can work together for a better world.


Here's something you probably didn't know about energy saving lighting. You can have lower energy bills and brighter lights all at the same time. Let Kollman Electric of Hays, KS help you find an energy saving lighting solution that is right for your home or office. Effective lighting design can have a tremendous effect on your daily life AND on that of those around you. We offer a wide range of energy saving lighting upgrades for homes and commercial properties in Hays, KS.


Did you know that energy saving techniques like the ones we employ can reduce your energy consumption by 25-30%? The road to energy efficiency is paved with good intentions – and it begins with a consultation with Kollman Electric. Let us show you how much energy you can save with a more efficient design.


For instance, 100W incandescent light bulbs will no longer be made. 100W halogen bulbs use only 72 watts and provide a crisp bright light with no mercury like the CFL bulbs.


One of the easiest things we can do to achieve energy savings is to install dimmers. You don't always need your lights to be on at full capacity. By installing a dimmer, you can dramatically decrease energy usage.


We can also install track lighting, which often use LED bulbs that are more energy efficient than traditional or incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs are a big part of the "go green" movement and are playing a large role in the energy-efficiency movement.


Another option available to us is to consider alternative energy sources – preferably those that are renewable. Solar lights are an excellent option in Hays, KS, and we often help customers replace traditional security or exterior lights with LED or regular solar-powered lights.


Kollman Electric is ready to help those in Hays, KS create energy saving lighting updates. Contact us today!