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Electrical Building Designs



The best way to ensure that all bases are covered – and that all the little things are considered – is to ask Kollman Electric for an electrical building design. This gets us involved from the very beginning.


An electrical building design takes the overall design plan and incorporates every critical electrical element from where the plugs and breakers will go to where lighting and fans will be placed. Getting us involved at the design stage by having us do an electrical building design ensures the best possible construction experience because the designers, architects and electricians all have an opportunity to make sure the plan accounts for the best of everything. This ensures that everything functions together perfectly.


This idea is not very popular in modern building design and construction. The general thinking here is that the entire design is stronger than the sum of its parts – but the parts still have to be right. That's where the electrical building design comes into play for residence or commercial projects in Hays, KS.


Kollman Electric's electrical building design goes beyond mere aesthetics to consider how the systems will function together and over time. Environmental factors are also considered – as is the concept of scalability. We like for our designs to account for any sort of potental requirements or updates that might become necessary in the future.


When beginning an electrical building design in Hays, KS, we have to keep a number of factors in mind, including:

  • Accessibility and Safety
  • Security and Safety
  • Value (keeping costs in check)
  • How it works
  • Longevity (for how long will it work?)

    Another advantage of the electrical building design is that it enables the property owner to visualize the entire project before construction begins. In this way the owner becomes more invested in the project through an open dialogue about the initial design. The final result is likely to be everything the owner hoped it would be due to this early and active involvement in the project.


    With Kollman Electric involved in the design process, everything in the design has a supporting electrical system that is efficient and effective. This ensures there are fewer surprises during construction such as rising costs due to change orders.


    Contact us at Kollman Electric today to find out how we can assist with an electric building design.