Commercial Electric Contractor Hays Kansas

Commercial Electrical Contractor



Kollman Electric has extensive experience providing commercial electrical service to customers in Hays, KS. We go the extra mile to ensure we're giving our customers a comprehensive service for their electrical needs. You shouldn't expect anything less from a commercial electrical service.


Our first job is to listen to your ideas and identify the needs of the project. This will enable us to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision for your commercial electrical project.


It's easy to get lost in the details of your commercial construction project. That's why you need a commercial electrical contractor on hand to consult with you as to the placement of breakers, outlets, lights, fans, etc. You definitely want to address the placements as early as possible to avoid costly changes later in the project.


As part of our commercial electrical service, Kollman Electric also consults on building energy management systems that help make your project as green as possible – an important consideration nowadays.


Our design of your commercial electric project also includes emergency generator installation plans so that your building will have electricity despite bad weather or other issue. Kollman Electric is proud to serve Hays, KS customers who want to know that their projects are meeting Kansas code and safety regulations, and as your commercial electrical contractor, we meet those standards each and every time.


Kollman Electric's commercial electric service for Hays, KS includes work on existing commercial structures that encompasses a wide range of tasks including:

  • landscape and exterior lighting systems
  • breaker or fuse replacement
  • meter panel repairs and upgrades
  • rewiring for buildings

    No matter what the need of your commercial project, if you're in Hays, KS, we've got you covered. Our expertise includes:

  • energy efficiency
  • safety systems
  • specialty lighting (interior and exterior)
  • electrical upgrades

    We find that many of our customers have commercial facilities in Hays, KS that are in need of electrical upgrades because often a business's or building's electrical needs change over time. Think about how much technology has changed in the past 60 years. Our electrical dependency has increased so much since the 1950s when Americans began buying home televisions. Now our commercial buildings are filled with electronic devices such as computers, fax machines, copiers and printers. Not to mention modern security lights.


    You want a commercial property that keeps up with the times and that's what Kollman Electric does for you with our commercial electric services. It's not enough to be up to code – you have to be up with the times! Hays, KS has a diverse array of commercial properties within its zip city limits, from offices and stores to restaurants and warehouses. We're here to provide electric services to each of these commercial properties as needed.


    We have experience with parking lot projects including light pole repairs and replacement to parking lot lighting installation or repairs.


    We can assist commercial property owners in Hays, KS with scheduled maintenance or emergency situations. Contact Kollman Electric next time you need an uninterupted power supply or a kitchen fire suppression system. That beautiful business sign is a beacon to let customers know where you are. Every second a bulb is burned out you may lose a potential visitor. We install and service all your signage needs.